Saturday, October 10, 2015

Don’t Be Scared of the Dentist!

It is estimated that 8-20% of the population suffers from a crippling fear of the dentist, preventing these individuals from seeking routine dental care.  Whether that anxiety stems from a negative dental visit in the past, or a fear of the unknown, avoiding the dental office can have severe health consequences.  
Scary pumpkinks, bats, trees with headline, Do Dentists Scare You?
Let’s take a look at some of the common fears associated with being in a dental office, and how these fears can be dealt with.

Fear of the unknown-  Many patient are scared to be in a dental chair, for fear of the unknown; what will they be doing to me?!  An initial examination or consultation should always begin with an open-ended conversation between the patient and dentist.  At Beachside Dental, we want to know what is bothering you about your mouth/teeth as well as what oral health goals you may have.  We also want to know about any negative experiences you may have had, so that we can work together to avoid a similar experience.  There should be no secrets about the impending dental treatment or techniques used to complete the work.

Fear of the dental instruments- Dental instruments can look intimidating, not only when used in your mouth, but sometimes just sitting out in the open.  

The truth is, dental instrumentation and technology continues to improve on a seemingly daily basis and at Beachside Dental, we provide our patients with the “latest-and-greatest”.  If you have a question about a particular instrument, it’s your right to know what the tool is and how it works. 

Extreme dental anxiety-  For some, the anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist, even for a simple procedure, may prove to be too much to overcome by conversing with the dental team or knowing more about the procedure/instruments being used.  There are many sedation or relaxation techniques that can be employed in these circumstances, which are safe for the patient and allow for a more pleasant experience.  As a patient, you should consult with the dentist to see if you are a candidate for sedation for dental visits.

At Beachside Dental, Dr. Savidan utilizes the latest technology and techniques in a low stress and comfortable environment.  Our goal is to always provide you with an exceptional dental experience, from your new-patient examination and including any dental treatment you may need.  Give us a call to schedule your examination today, and make your next trip to the dentist a day at the Beach…